Welcome to the Smith Scholarships Online Program.

Complete the entire online application. You do not have to complete the application all at once, the online application is broken down into pages and sections.
You can save what you have completed and return at another time to answer more questions or correct data that you have already entered.

Remember your login information – you will need it to log back in so you can finish your application.
All correspondence will go to the email address you specify on your application.

PLEASE NOTE: All documentations such as Letter of Recommendations, and School Officials Verifications, must show up on your application as "Complete", before you can click "Submit". 

Upon Submission, your application will be forwarded to our offices for consideration by our scholarship committee.

If you forget your login information click the "Forget Password" link to reset your password.

DO NOT begin a new application. If you begin a new application, both applications will be considered void and ineligible for consideration.
DO NOT print and mail a copy of the application to our offices; it will not be accepted.
Only an application that has been completed and submitted online is eligible for consideration pending receipt of required documents.